What is a Venue Stylist?

So, you have booked your wedding venue and now you are thinking about how you want to decorate it… That’s where The Secret Bridesmaid comes in!

What is a Venue Stylist?

We are venue stylists based in Repton, Derbyshire. We specialise in designing and decorating weddings to make your ideas and wedding come to life in front of you. We work closely with all our couples to understand your preferences, themes, color schemes, and overall aesthetic goals. That’s when the fun begins! We can then get stuck using our creative and engineering skills to transform your wedding venue, considering elements from lighting, decor, floral arrangements, archways, drapery, table settings, and other design aspects to create a cohesive and visually appealing ambiance.

How do we do things?

  1. We come up with ideas and designs based on each couples preferences.
  2. Select and arranging decor elements such as centerpieces, linens, backdrops, and props from our extensive collections.
  3. Collaborating with other suppliers such as florists, photobooth companies, and lighting specialists.
  4. Setting up and arranging the venue before your wedding.
  5. Coming back after your wedding to clear everthing away.

Here at The Secret Bridesmaid we like to think we play a crucial role in creating your desired atmosphere and ambiance. Turning your wedding space into a visually stunning and memorable setting to reflect who you are as a couple and to make you special day super memorable!