Can you alter a multiway dress?

The short answer is Yes!

Multiway dresses are incredibly versatile and yes, you can alter a multiway dress in various ways to achieve different looks. Our dresses are designed with a long flowing skirt with two long straps at the front that can be wrapped, twisted, or tied in multiple ways to create different styles. Here are some alterations you can make to a multiway dress to create your own unique style:


If the dress is too long for your bridesmaid the fabric our dresses are made from means they do not require a hem. So you can cut the multiway dress to your desired length yourself… Although we do recommend a professional do it for you.


You can alter the length of the straps by wrapping, twisting, or knotting them to change the style of the multiway dress.


Experiment with different ways to wrap or twist the fabric to create various necklines or back styles. For instance, you can transform a halter neck into an off-shoulder or one-shoulder style by adjusting the straps. Check out our YouTube Tutorials to see how.


You may also want to consider adding embellishments such as wooden curtain rings, bangles or even napkin rings to create even more ways to wear our multiway dresses and give them a different vibe entirely. These are just some of the things our previous customers have used!


We have over 100 colours to choose from… and offer 4 free colour swatches per customer. Yes FREE to customers inside the UK.

Our multiway dresses come in three sizes, and well as offering flower girljunior wrapladies wrap dresses, and multiway jumpsuits to match! All of our dresses are designed and handmade in Derbyshire, UK.

Remember, the beauty of our luxury multiway dresses lies in their flexibility. We have created some beautiful tutorials that demonstrate various ways to style and alter these dresses to suit yours and your bridesmaids preferences!