Do you hire, buy or DIY your wedding arch?

What you need to know about each option and which is cheaper. We are here to help.

Hey so congratulations on your engagement! and thanks for finding me :-) So you probably have loads of questions regarding everything wedding… That’s ok we are here to help. Today’s question is should you hire buy or DIY your wedding arch?

So I will be upfront, we hire wedding archways but we can also help set up your own if you choose to buy a ready-made one from somewhere, whether that be facebook marketplace or a retailer or you are a DIY couple and decide you want to buy all the components and build it yourself. We don’t mind which one you go for, but here are some things to think about before you decide which way you want to go…

Wedding Arches

Archways have long been symbolic, representing the passage into a new phase of life, which is why I imagine they are popular at weddings. They also look amazing and provide a stunning focal point for your ceremony room, as well as maybe behind your top table or even use them as a photo booth backdrop. Wedding archways come in all shapes, sizes and materials – we have round metal moongates, rustic wooden hexagons, suspended floral archways, and chandeliers as well as, rectangular copper arches, backdrops made from draping fabric or staggered wooden designs – there are honestly so many to choose from!

Wedding archways and backdrops are great for defining a space and creating those pintrestworthy instagramable moments! And the best part is that they can be decorated to reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s flowers, greenery, fabric, lights, or other decor elements, a wedding arch allows for personal touches.

While it’s not a necessity, a wedding archway can certainly enhance the visual and symbolic aspects of your wedding ceremony, creating a beautiful ambiance and lasting memories. Whether you decide to rent, buy, or DIY one yourself, it can be a wonderful addition to your wedding day.

Hire a wedding archway?

If you want a stress-free wedding, we can style one of our many wedding archways or backdrops to fit in with your style and colour scheme. It’s all included in the price! As well as setting them up and collecting them the following day. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. Feel free to take a look at our collection here. Our hired wedding archways and backdrops can all be adorned with with our high quality faux blooms and foliage for a fraction of the cost of real flowers. If you are worried about not having a scent… not to worry we can add in a signature scent for you

Buy a wedding archway?

You could buy a pre-made wedding archway or backdrop – facebook marketplace usually have a few knocking about or there are online retailers that stock them too. Both of these options can be pretty costly and may not be exactly what you want so will end up spending more money to customise it. Just think about what you plan on doing with it after your wedding… they are usually pretty big and take up quite a lot of room. Also, some things to consider… who will set it up and dismantle it after your wedding day? Where are you going to store it? And the big one – how are you going to transport it?  Some of these we can help you with. We offer extra help on your wedding day, so we can set up your archway for you, the rest is up to you though.

DIY a wedding archway?

Or you are considering making your own. You need to think about not only the material goods you have to buy to make your own archway but also the amount of time it will take you to create it. And then again as with buying your own archway, what do you plan on doing with it after your wedding? They are usually pretty big and take up quite a lot of room. Who will set it up and dismantle it after your wedding day? Where are you going to store it? And the big one – how are you going to transport it?  Again, we can set it up for you as part of our ‘extra help on your wedding day‘ service.

Just a few other things to consider: For decent quality faux blooms and foliage, you are looking at £5 per stem – think about how many you are going to need. Then how are you going to attach them – foam, glue, cable ties? again all adding to the cost. We only use the highest quality faux blooms and foliage in our wedding archways and backdrops.

What will you choose?

The choice really is up to you, we can only give our advice. We have styled MANY weddings over the years both setting our own wedding archways and backdrops up or clients bought or DIY archways and backdrops. Our clients always say wow and how amazing our hired archways and backdrops look – just check out our Google reviews!

After speaking to some of our couples after their weddings who have either bought or DIY’ed their own archways and backdrops, they all agree that although they enjoyed making them, they wish they had just hired them. As it is one less thing they would have had to worry about, and the amount they spent on buying and making them as well as their time and transporting it, it would have worked out cheaper to hire it.