What is a Multiway Dress?

A multiway dress can also be known as a convertible dresses or an infinity dresses.  They are super versatile dresses that can be styled and worn in various ways – we have put together some videos to help!


The Secret Bridesmaid Multiway Dresses are designed with two long straps attached to a long flowing skirt and an ingenious sit-flat panel, built into the back of the skirt. As the multiway dresses can fit a variety of sizes, the sit-flat panel ensures no gaping at the back of the dress and comfort for all your bridesmaids.


The long straps allow your bridesmaids to create different looks by adjusting and draping the fabric in different ways. Our dresses come with YouTube tutorials on how to create different styles, but we also encourage your bridesmaids to experiment and create their own unique looks!

The straps of our multiway dresses can be wrapped, twisted, tied, or draped around the body in multiple configurations. This versatility enables the same dress to be worn as a halter neck, one-shoulder, strapless, cap-sleeved, or with a draped back, among other styles. The flexibility in styling our multiway dresses makes them super popular for special occasions like weddings, proms, or even taking on cruises where you might want to just take one dress but have a different style each night.


Our luxury multiway dresses are made from a 4 way, silk touch, stretch fabric. Which is designed for ultimate comfort while allowing your bridesmaids to express themselves without compromising on comfort or fit. Our multiway dresses are great for their adaptability, allowing your maids to be creative and change their look without needing to invest in multiple dresses. You might even allow your bridesmaids to change their look from the ceremony to the evening reception!

The fabric does not require a hem, therefore our multiway dresses are extremely easy to alter yourselves, although we do recommend a professional do it for you.


We have over 100 colours to choose from… and offer 4 free colour swatches per customer. Yes FREE to customers inside the UK.

Our multiway dresses come in three sizes, and well as offering flower girl, junior wrap, ladies wrap dresses, and multiway jumpsuits to match! All of our dresses are designed and handmade in Derbyshire, UK.